The State of Missouri requires all Concealed Carry Training Providers to train and test their students on marksmanship with both a revolver and semi-automatic handgun.

The marksmanship session we provide covers all the fundamentals of marksmanship, proper drawing and holstering of the firearm, loading / unloading / reloading, carry methods, malfunction correction drills, and much more.

A minimum of 20 practice rounds must be fired with your handgun prior to the qualification test, however, we usually fire 50 during our live-fire practice session.  The qualification test, as required by the State of Missouri, is 20 rounds fired from a standing position, at a distance of 7 yards, on a B27 target.  To pass the qualification, 15 out of 20 rounds must strike the black portion of the B27 target.

For our standards at we would like to see ALL 20 of your rounds fired from a standing position at a distance of 7 yards on a B27 target and strike within the 8 ring or better.  If you apply the fundamentals of marksmanship after we have trained you, there should be no concern about placing 20 of 20 rounds within the 8 ring of the B27 target.  If you fail to meet that standard then you probably shouldn't be carrying a firearm.

The B27 Qualification Target

(24" X 48")


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